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Memory-Of.com Online Memorial Website's are personalized, interactive pages created in the memory of lost loved one. We created the features to be a useful tool in healing from grief. Gladly, we have been able to help many people. See what they have to say.
"Memory-Of.com has been so helpful to me and it is a great comfort to our family and Krystal's friends to have a way to celebrate her life... Please pass along my thanks to your team. Whoever designed this service must have a great deal of compassion. When a loved one dies, you want to have a way to share their life with others. The average person does not know…how to design a website. It would have been so frustrating for me to try to design my own website and it wouldn't have had half the functionality that Memory-Of.com has." - Amanda Ebel, creator of the Krystal Ebel memorial website.
"The website is absolutely beautiful and so easy to use. Thank you so much. Although I'm nowhere near finishing it, it's already tremendous comfort. We moms worry so much that our children will be forgotten. But they won't be, because of your site." - Susan Morley, mother of Jesse Alexander Gochez.
"I just wanted to say "Thank You"; this website means so very much to us. I originally found it when I was sent the site address for Terri Schiavo, then created a site for my daughter the very same day. Again, just a very big “Thank You” for a job well done!" - Sandy Parivar, mother of Stephanie Nichole Parivar.
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"Thank you so much for making this website. We are able to give our grandma a tribute for all to enjoy. We can keep it forever as she is forever in our hearts... We thank you and God bless you!" - Tom Winkler Jr., grandson of Yvonne Hopkins.
"Creating Memory-Of.com has provided a way for so many to deal with the grieving process. Losing a loved one is tragic; there are never enough ways to express the loss of a life. You have made a beautiful place to help deal with the pain that is experienced when God takes a loved one home. Thank you so much!" - Cheryl Ford RN, creator of the Theresa Marie Schindler memorial site.
"...I was really glad to see a website where we as the family could honor her life. It is easy to edit and add to the website as we need too... I am so glad to see you honoring departed family members this way. Too often younger members tend to forget their grandparents and this is one way to keep memories alive. Thank you again." - Carolyne Doyle, creator of the Viola Elizabeth Prichard memorial website.
"...I have gotten so many compliments on the site, even while it is under construction. Everyone loves it! It was so easy to upload photos. I shared your site with friends and family and at least three families I know also started memorial sites for their angels!!! So once again thank you!... Technical support has been great, for the one time I called and emailed... Thank you again for the opportunity to memorialize my son by using your site." - Danielle, mother of Paul Ryan Shanno.
"My sister Cheryl made a memorial to our sister Valerie as a way for the remaining sisters and family members and friends to remember, pray and speak to Valerie. We all live around the country and this site enables us to have a connection not only with Valerie, but with each other as well. It is a bridge to everyone. Thanks." - Carrie Acitelli, sister of Valerie Jean Russell.
"I have recently found your website and created two memorial sites: One for my wife and one for my mother. I have shown the site to many of my co-workers and they think is great and beautiful. They are going to create a site for their loved ones also. I want to let you know that I think the site is awesome and thank you for having the ability available. My grandmother died in Feb 2004, my wife in Sept 2004 and my mother in Mar 2005. It is helping me heal from the loss of my family. If there was an award to give you I would nominate you as the best site I have ever been to. Again, Thank You." - Jim Alexander, son of Leona Wilma Alexander and husband of Ruth Brown Alexander.
"I think Memory-Of.com is an absolutely wonderful thing. Jared was my first love and we were together for 6 years. Losing him is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. I have had so many people tell me what a wonderful idea the memorial site was, and how great it is. I think having a place for all of us to go to and remember Jared forever is the best thing ever. Sharing memories and remembering Jared is so important to me and this website has helped me and all of his friends do just that. The editing system is wonderful and very easy to use." - Amy Kathleen Martin, creator of the Jared Hawkins memorial website.
"...Your site has given me so much comfort over the last few weeks. I found it by chance; it’s as if my loved one I lost wanted me to have some comfort in my very sad time to be able to come onto the site. Just to look at the photos that I have put on and the music I feel closer to my late husband. Also, my daughter and granddaughters are able to say how they feel which is helping them come to terms with their loss of a wonderful father and grand papa. I know life will never be the same anymore for us as a family as part of the link is broken but I also know that I am not the only one going through all this, thanks to your site... I count myself lucky that I was with my husband for 40 years, love never goes away it will always remain." - Catherine Austin, wife of the Lionel Cedric Austin.
"I think the website is wonderful. I have had so many compliments on it. It is so nice to be able to keep the memory of Daddy alive and to share him with others. I am so glad that I ran across the website when I did. It makes this hard time a little easier for everyone. Thank you so very much." - Kristie Montgomery, daughter of James Brown.
"I would like to express my thanks and my gratitude to you for making a website like this available to everyone who has lost a loved one. I can only imagine the work and the thoughtfulness that must have gone into creating this site. You are to be highly commended for the effort you must have put into its creation and development. I have found much comfort in both adding information to my memorial for Roslyn Camaro as well as coming back from time to time to visit." - Larry Seaman, creator of the Roslyn Camaro memorial website.
"I just want to say thank you for this site. It is helping so many people deal with their loss… and helping them understand how loved these people were... Thanks again for helping the make the grieving process a little bit easier. I can't say enough good things!!" - Kelli Dona, creator of the Jason Timmerman memorial website.
"I really enjoy the website I created… and want to let you know how much it is appreciated. It gives me strength and happiness to see and express myself to my dad's memorial site. Thanks for giving people the chance to express their sorrow and sympathy on the site." - Nick Demas, son of Nick Demas Jr..
"The Memorial Website was a great tool [to help me] me to deal with my mother’s passing. I will definitely share it with as many people as I can to help preserve my mother’s legacy. My personal thanks are extended to all who made this possible and please continue to provide this service to all the families who have lost and need an outlet to praise their loved ones. Thank you so very much." - Berri Outlaw, son of Margaret Outlaw.
"I appreciate this website. I love it because I can visit however often I want and my family members and friends can look at it too and add to it. I found it easy to use and add content to it... I just want to make the comment that this website is truly amazing. When my friends look at it, they think I am a computer whiz because of the quality of it and because to them, it looks difficult to create. I tell them it's so easy to do because all I did was scan some pictures I was able to come up with and with the multiple picture feature, it was so simple to do. Thanks a lot. This is truly a blessing for those of us who are grieving and hurting." - Paula Ali, creator of the Paul Cephus memorial website.
"When your spouse looses a parent and is overcome with grief… you can feel left out in the cold and not a part of the grieving process. I literally stumbled onto Memory-Of.com and I’m glad I did. It helped me through my grief and let me do something to help my husband's family in their time of immense grief. Thank you!" - Donna LaBelle-Egan, daugher-in-law of James Joseph Egan.
"...We are giving this website to his parents on Saturday night when we all get together. Thank God for you or whoever thought of this. It is fantastic! I don't think there is anything you could do to make it better. As far as the cost...I think it is way too cheap. You are FABULOUS!" - Lori, Liz Sue & Kristin, creator of the Clark McBride memorial website.
"I receive nothing but compliments from all of our friends and family on India's site. I commend you on providing for once, a useful internet service... As for customer support, I have had to send one e-mail for help and received a response in about 10 minutes. That says it all." - Dexter Barrow, creator of the India Barrow memorial website.
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