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The free hosting period for the Tose Proeski website will expire on 01/01/2021. If you want the memorial website to endure after the free hosting period expires, you can choose a monthly hosting fee of $4.95/£2.75 or a reduced 12 month hosting fee of $49.95/£27.75 (two months free). A one-time sponsorship fee of just $94.95/£52.75 will ensure that the memorial website will remain online forever (this is not a recurring or subscription fee). Sponsorship may be cancelled with full refund up to 30 days from the sponsorship date.
Payments can be made using all major international credit cards by filling out the form below. For further assistance and support please contact us at support@memory-of.com.
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Site: tose-proeski.memory-of.com
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 Raising funds for the Red Cross and Red Crescent
As part of the Library of Life, Memory-of.com raises funds for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies by making a donation of US $5 each time a website is sponsored.
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$94.95(approx. £47.75)
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$4.95(approx. £2.49)
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