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Estine Glass
Memorial website created by The Glass Family on 12/09/2015.
Darby Hodges
Memorial website created by Cheryl Hodges on 12/12/2015.
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About Us  

Memory-Of.com launched in the fall of 2004 after our founder created a Memorial Website for his brother James, and experienced first-hand how a permanent tribute, enhanced with global accessibility, could provide comfort to himself and to anyone who visited it.

With a commitment to providing resources and support to the bereaved, Memory-Of.com has grown to become the largest online memorial site in the world, with over 35,000 visits each day, 68,000 personal memorial websites and more than 2.9 million "candles" lit. In 2007 Memory-Of.com expanded into a full-scale Online Center for Healing, complete with grief counselors, advice, community forums, and real-world projects and initiatives.

Our mission is to help our community live healthier and fuller lives as they celebrate and share their loved-ones' legacies.

Meet the Team  


Why I’m with Memory-Of.com…
There are big businesses, and then there are little businesses trying to do big things. It was clear to me from the beginning that Memory-Of.com could literally make the world a better place, by helping people immeasurably with their grief.

My time with Memory-Of.com continues to be a blessing. I know that I am helping to create an environment where loss is manageable, and recovery is possible.

Operations Officer

Why I’m with Memory-Of.com…
I love Memory-Of.com because it’s a new kind of website and organization. Memory-Of.com is pioneering innovative ways to help reach out to those who are in need of the support we offer.

Our concern for helping people heal far outweighs any other considerations, and I think that shows in everything we do. This isn’t something they teach us in school!

Editor in Chief

Why I’m with Memory-Of.com…
Sometimes it seems that technology isolates us, but Memory-Of.com brings a community of people together when they need support the most. I’m proud to be a small part of that.

When we share our personal stories of grief and loss it has a snowball effect. Not only is it a part of our own recovery process, it also helps others who are suffering find their voice. Everyday I am honored help people heal all over the world.

VP, Public Relations

Why I’m with Memory-Of.com…
You can tell what’s important in a person’s life by how they spend their time.

When I decided on a career path it was imperative for me to have a meaningful work-experience centered on people. I always knew I wanted be part of a vision and team of people devoted to enriching and improving the lives of others. Here at Memory-Of.com I am surrounded by coworkers who, like me, hold fast to the conviction that in life and in work, people are the highest priority.

And lucky me, I’ve found the wisdom of Confucius to be true: when you choose a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

Customer Support

Why I’m with Memory-Of.com…

I’m passionate about helping people in their time of need. Someone who is grieving should not be hindered by technical or computer issues; resources and support should be as accessible as possible to them! I’m here to make sure those people’s needs are met.

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