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Estine Glass
Memorial website created by The Glass Family on 12/09/2015.
Darby Hodges
Memorial website created by Cheryl Hodges on 12/12/2015.
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Memory-Of.com is the largest online memorial site in the world, with over 35,000 visits each day, and more than 2.5 million virtual candles lit. Launched in the fall of 2004 by the founder who created a memorial website for his brother, James to experience first-hand how a permanent tribute with enhanced global accessibility could provide comfort to anyone who visited. The website's mission remains to help its community live healthier and fuller lives as they celebrate and share their loved-ones' legacies. With a commitment to providing resources and support to the bereaved, in 2007 Memory-Of.com expanded into a full-scale Online Center for Healing, complete with online grief counsellors, article archive, library and gift shop, community forums, and real-world projects and initiatives. Learn more by visiting us at www.memory-of.com
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"Memory-Of.com’s Memorial Cookbook Here in Time for the Holidays"
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"Memory-Of.com Launches ‘A Mother’s Day Month of Remembrance’ " - WOMEN'S MINISTRIES - WOMEN OF POWER
"Remembering Moms and Children" - BETTY CONFIDENTIAL
"Promotion Benefits Health Initiatives" - ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES
"A Mother’s Day Month of Remembrance" - MAKING PERFECT SENSE
"Bill Tammeus Writes about Matters of Religion and Ethics" - BILL’S ‘FAITH MATTERS’ BLOG
"What Do You Do For Mother’s Day" - IN THE LAND OF BROKEN HEARTS
"A Mother’s Month of Remembrance Online Candle-Lighting Campaign to Support First Candle" - JEWEL’S SAND BOX NEWS
"Helping Those We Love by Remembering Those We've Lost" - NWTN TODAY
"Two Memorial Internet companies partner in time for Memorial Day" - DEAR MYRTLE
"Partnership In Time for Memorial Day" - KJZZ14
"Five years since the start of the Iraq war, memories linger" - CLEVELAND.COM
"Haunted Mouses" - NEW YORK TIMES
"Online Memorials Bring Strangers and Friends Together in Community of Grief" - WASHINGTON POST
"New Memorials: t-shirt, websites, auto decals" - CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR
"Websites gain growing share of mourners" - SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS
"Many visit Web site for slain UA student" - ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE
"Web site set up to pay tribute to slain UA student" - NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES
News Releases
'Angel Food' Memorial Cookbook Available for the Holidays - December 2, 2008
Memory-Of.com Announces 'Angel Food' A Memorial Cookbook - August 26, 2008
Memory-Of.com Donates to the National Fatherhood Initiative in Honor of Father’s Day - June 4, 2008
Memory-Of.com Launches "A Mother’s Day Month of Remembrance" - May 6, 2008
Media Contact
Ty Williams
VP, Communications & Strategic Partnerships
12 Desbrosses Street
New York, NY 10013
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