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Memory-of.com is an easy-to-use, friendly tool letting you create and maintain a rich memorial website, which will be the focal point of a community that keeps your loved one's memory alive. It lets you cherish your loved one and share the memories forever. The many and varied features we offer are designed to enable you to create a memorial that reflects your loved one's life and personality and is tailored to the needs of family and friends.
By creating a memorial website you can:
Have a unique address for the memorial. Friends and family will have simple and direct access to the site.
Tell your loved one's life story, express your thoughts on their passing, announce the time and place of a memorial service or other event (example).
Light a candle on the anniversary of your loved one's passing, on their birthday, or anytime you are thinking about them (example).
Allow visitors to express their feelings, pay tribute to the departed, share their grief, and offer condolences to the family (example).
Place up to 300 captioned pictures in the photo album (example).
Create a slideshow with special selected photos (example).
Pay a musical tribute to your loved one, share their favorite songs and music (example).
Publish audio and video clips featuring your loved one. Preserve filmed and recorded memories for future generations (example).
Describe your loved one's legacy. Share poems, stories or articles they wrote, speeches they gave, moving letters they wrote (example).
Create a timeline highlighting important events in the departed's life, such as graduation, marriage, children, career milestones, achievements and honors (example).
Build a simple family tree, creating a multimedia family archive that links generations together (example).
Have a mailing list of friends and family who would like to be notified whenever the website content is updated.
Enjoy an easy-to-use authoring and editing system, which enables you to add content and edit visitors' contributions.
Customize website layout and design, choose a theme that reflects your loved one personality and add background music.
Creating and editing the memorial is free. Hosting is free for two weeks. Very modest monthly, annual or everlasting hosting fees are charged thereafter, a portion of which is donated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (see pricing).
If you have ideas for additional features please write us at feedback@memory-of.com.
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