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"Memory-Of.com Donates to the National Fatherhood Initiative in Honor of Father’s Day"
Helping Those We Love by Remembering Those We’ve Lost
New York
NY—June 4, 2008
Memory-Of.com, the world’s premiere Online Center for Healing, announced today that for every MemoryBook purchased on their site during the month of June, $5 will be donated to the National Fatherhood Initiative in celebration of Father’s Day.

“Our fathers play a very important role in our lives, so when people experience the loss of a father, a grandfather, or close father-figure it can be a challenging time. This Father’s Day we wanted to do something special and take the healing offline and into the homes of our members and the future fathers of America by partnering with The National Fatherhood Initiative,” said Ben Gruber, President of Memory-Of.com.

Memory-Of.com’s MemoryBooks use the latest online and publishing technology to allow people to convert their Memorial Websites into beautiful hardbound books. And because of the partnership between Memory-Of.com and MemoryPress.com, MemoryBooks can be easily edited, customized and previewed throughout their simple creation process.

“We wanted to take the success we’ve had with MemoryBooks and give back to an admirable and praiseworthy partner that supports fathers and fatherhood. We feel there is no better way to honor the fathers we’ve lost than to serve an organization that promotes the importance of men taking an active role in parenting,” explained Mr. Gruber.

National Fatherhood Initiative’s mission is to improve the well being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

Ronald C. Warren, president of National Fatherhood Initiative said, “One of the most powerful things a father can do is to leave a positive legacy for his children. Memory-of.com provides families with a wonderful way to celebrate those fatherhood legacies, and NFI is proud to partner with them this Father’s Day.”

About Memory-Of.com

Memory-Of.com is the largest site of its kind in the world, with over 35,000 visits each day, and more than 2.5 million virtual candles lit. Launched in the fall of 2004 after it’s founder created a Memorial Website for his brother, James, and experienced first-hand how a permanent tribute with enhanced global accessibility could provide comfort to anyone who visited it. Memory-Of.com’s mission is to help its community live healthier and fuller lives as they celebrate and share their loved-ones’ legacies. With a commitment to providing resources and support to the bereaved, in 2007 Memory-Of.com expanded into a full-scale Online Center for Healing, complete with online grief counselors, article archive, library and gift shop, community forums, and real-world projects and initiatives. Learn more by visiting us at www.memory-of.com.

About National Fatherhood Initiative

The premier fatherhood renewal organization in the country, the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) works in every sector and at every level of society to engage fathers in the lives of their children. NFI is one of the leading producers of research on the causes and consequences of father absence, public opinion on family issues, and trends in family structure and marriage. NFI's national public service advertising campaign promoting fatherhood has generated television, radio, print, Internet, and outdoor advertising valued at over $500 million. Through its resource center, FatherSOURCE, NFI offers a wide range of innovative resources to assist fathers and organizations interested in reaching and supporting fathers. Learn more by visiting www.fatherhood.org.


Ty Williams
VP, Public Relations
P: 646-723-4681
M: 646-797-6262

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