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Remembering Matt
In my own words, I would like to say how I lost my son, Matt. It started with my neighbor while I was at work. I came home to find out that my son wasn't there. He was only 17. He had big plans for his life. He wanted to join the Marines. He was always helping everyone out. So generous. Always smiling.
My neighbor’s boy, Chad, was 15 at the time. His mother was letting the boys drink moonshine. They were so drunk. Chad, being drunk, was playing around with a gun, a .380 pistol. He didn't realize what he did until it was too late. Chad shot Matt though the back of his head. I rushed to the hospital, just to be told that he would never survive. If he did he would be a vegetable for the rest of his time. By the time they had him stabilized, he was airlifted to Chapel Hill hospital in Chapel Hill, NC. He was so amazing; he had the foresight to let me know that he wanted to be an organ donor if anything should happen. I talked to the transplant coordinator. He saved a lot of lives that day. He lived for 18 hours, and then was gone.
My time of grief was the best day for other families. He is still alive in all them. One of them, Amanda, has his liver; she is a mother of 3, and a grandmother of 12. Keith has Matt’s pancreas and kidney. He was on his death bed, when he got the news. Now he is a prominent business man and isn't even a diabetic anymore!
I still mourn the loss of my son. May 24th was his birthday; He would have been 23 this year. This is his 5th anniversary in heaven. We sent balloons off for him with his Memory-Of cards attached. I am anxious to see if any one finds one and lights a candle or leaves a tribute to him, telling me where they found it. I never would have made it though with out you all in here. The hardest days are birthdays, Angelversaries, and of course, all those other special holidays. But with the help of all the wonderful people here, I have made it another year.
Thank you Memory-Of.com and all the other grieving parents in here. You are a Godsend! God bless you all!

Matt’s Momma,

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