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Turning to Faith
In times of grief, many people find comfort in the specific traditions and rituals of their faiths.  This article continues a series of explorations of why and how turning to your faith may help you.

Muslims believe that there is another world after death, and that one must prepare for that life during their time on earth. Traditionally, the burial process includes bathing and wrapping the deceased in a plain cloth before lowering them into the ground.  Islam does not permit anything aside from burials in the ground, which is the law of Shari’ ah.  The mourning rituals of Islam involve prayer.  Janzah prayers are offered to forgive the deceased during and after the burial.

Despite some differences in belief throughout Protestant, Progressive, Traditional and Orthodox Islam Islam, the mourning rituals remain the same.  The Qur’un calls for Muslims to be a part of the funeral and follow to the gravesite.  Prayers and condolences are offered, but only within accepting God’s will.  Comments are to be short and uncontroversial. 
Muslim funerals are often silent and peaceful, and excessive or loud emotional outpourings are forbidden.

The mourning process can vary.  Women who lose their husbands are allowed four months and ten days of mourning, but in general, a deceased Muslim’s death allots for three days of mourning.  Traditional Muslim mourning does not include a gathering after funeral processions, but it is common for families to offer it during the three-day mourning period.  Traditionally, it is recommended that visitors leave after offering their condolences.
Burials take place 24 hours after death.  Depending on when the loved one has passed this can become difficult, and so, some leeway is allowed.  The body is buried quickly out of respect and to avoid potential harming of the deceased body.  The body of the deceased is also buried quickly to avoid embalming, which disturbs the body.

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