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Gift and Comfort

Order a Tribute Movie

Keep the movies alive
Let the memory-of.com team create a mazing video tribute for your loved one:
We do all the hard work.
We use the photos from memorial website and inclede messages from the guestbook.
Movies play automatically from the main website page.
A touching way to tell a life story.
A thoughtful gift to add to the memorial website.
The Tribute Movie is uploaded to the main memorial website page and plays automatically when the website opens
Gift and Comfort

Click here to view a Tribute Movie example

Click here to view a Tribute Movie example
"The new Tribute Movie feature is a great addition to the already splendid collection of services offered"- Gloria Hui, Daughter of Wing-Sin Hui
Each Tribute Movie has a one time fee of only $19.95.
"Thankyou for the Movie Tribute.It is beautiful"- Ryshella McCadney, friend of April Love
Click Here for Tribute Movie Frequently Asked Questions
Dear Memory of Community
We are temporarily suspending the tribute movie service at this time while we enhance existing functions so that we may offer improved personalization of your movie tribute reflections.

Memory-Of.com continues to be a medium where people are profoundly encouraged communicate, share, express, and reflect their most powerful thoughts, memories and feelings. Memory-Of was fundamentally formed based on the idea that those who are remembered will live on forever

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve Memory-Of to better serve our valued community.

With Best Wishes,

Your Memories are Important to us:

In the mean time we encourage your feedback including any ideas, comments, or suggestions that you would like to see added to Memory-Of.com.
Email: feedback@memory-of.com
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