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Many people have found memorial websites comforting and helpful. Some of our users have written to share their thoughts and feelings about Memory-of.com. Here is some of what they had to say:
"WOW that is wonderful. Thank you so much. This has been such a help for me with my grieving process. It was actually like therapy for me. I don't know how to Thank you enough." - Amy Jacobsen, creator of the Wanda Jean Earls memorial website.
"I am really, very pleased with the memory-of.com website. It has been a Godsend to me to be able to tell the story of my son, Burdett and a place where his friends and family can go to remember him. I have encouraged other parents who have lost children to use the website for the memory of their children... The forum is so well done and it gives us another way of supporting each other and helps to let us know we are not alone. Thank you for this website." - Annette Wappes, mother of Burdett Wappes.
"Thank you for your work. This website is awesome. I appreciate your efforts in providing this service. It brought joy to my heart when I could see the page for my friend, Lizzie Wiggins." - Irma G. Hodges, friend of Lizzie Wiggins.
"Thank you so much for this wonderfull site. I want the world to know how lucky I was to have had this beautifull angel for 9 years." - Catherine Costello, mother of Steven Costello.
"Can I say thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell the world of my little man Corey. You made it so easy for me. Thank you." - Debbie Roberts, creator of the Corey Dylan Clark memorial website.
"I woudl like to thank you for providing the service, the space and the care for us to be able to do thus. It has been a big part of my healing process... The website's editing system and features have been very easy to use. I've never built a website before of any sort, so this is saying a lot. Thank You!" - Laurie Edwards, creator of the Lois Heineman Foley memorial website.
"I find this website very useful. I lost my gran in september 04 and I find it very easy to use and that it is always there for me. I also want to thank you for creating a beautiful website for loved ones. Keep up the good work." - Charlie Hefford, grandson of Shelia Jones.
"I feel your site is the best thing anyone could ever do for people who have lost someone. It is very easy to access and even easier to use. The site has helped so much with my family and of course I expect it has had the same affect to many others... Thank you for your very helpful website in behalf of everyone who knew James." - Tracey Mackenzie, creator of the James Taylor Black memorial website.
"My Name is Tina Tedder, I am the mother of Mitchell Roberts. I am truly proud of your website... It gives me a lot of pleasure to have something I can go to when I am feeling blue and look at each time. It is very thoughtful of you and the others that have put this together for grieving families and friends... It has almost been 2 years and I was going to make my own web page but I was very grateful when I found this site by accident... Maybe there was a reason I did, I know God works in mysterious ways... I deeply appreciate the website and I know others like me will enjoy it also. My heart and soul goes out to you and the others that have helped you get this job well done... I can't tell you enough times Thank You." - Tina Tedder, mother of Mitchell Roberts.
"I wanted to thank you for making this website possible. We have a very big family spread out over the country and it is a great. Everyone loves it." - Lisa Walker, creator of the Anna Marie Dey memorial website.
"First let me tell you how much I personally appreciate the site. I lost my son Ryan 12/5/04 this is a date that I will never forget. I was up late the night that I found your website, couldn't sleep and I just happened to be looking for an outlet for my grief. I am so very happy that I found the site. It was extremely easy to use and so beautifully thought out. I pourred my heart and sole into setting up the site and felt tremendous relief when I finished as if I could make sure that he is never forgotten... I am very grateful to you and your staff for creating this place for me to read the stories that people share that brings me tremendous pleasure... Keep up the good work and thank you for allowing me to have a special place to visit my sons family and friends memories." - Sandi Silvia, mother of Ryan C. Silvia.
"When my brother passed away a year ago, I was thinking of creating one memorial, so friends and families can expressed themselves, but I was denying the fact that my brother was gone... I had so many attempts, and I don't think I encountered your websites... So my mission is to continue what I had planned. Before my flight to los angeles on Jan. 20, 2005, I found your website through memorial search and I thought about creating one, just in time for his 1 year anniversary and share it to my brother's wife and children. I found it easy to create, simple and not complicated at all. Emotions are not said face to face, but with this memorial site, one can type in what they feel and be shared to other friends and family members. I'm glad I did it... We are all very pleased on your establishing your memory-of.com. Thank you so much." - Dolores Kasik, sister of Abundio Ocampo.
"This site was amazing. At George's funeral I could not get the people to stop thanking me. People felt they were talking to George through this site and that they were able to say a proper goodbye. Thank you so much for making this available to people because it heals broken hearts more then you know. This site was also very easy to put together. I'm truly greatful. Thank you again." - TJ Crowthers, creator of the George Weill memorial website.
"My husband passed away on 2/12/05. After having a sleepless night on 2/14 I decided to go on the computer. Out of no where this site came up on my screen. It was then that I created the web site in memory of my loving husband. I have been overwhelmed by the re-sponse from the people who have lit candles for my husband. If I am having a bad night I go to his site and it gives me great peace to know that so many people cared... I am eternally grateful for its creators and may god bless you all." - Nancy Richards, wife of John N. Richards.
"I love the Memory-of site, it allowed me to bring to life the lives of my father and sister and allowed those at a distance to grieve and share in their lives. Thanks, I think this site is wonderful." - Marianne Scully, daughter of John Joseph Scully and sister of Kathleen A. Kennedy.
"When I go to Joey's website I feel so much closer to him. It's a place where I can go and just be me... Joey and I met on a computer (not a dating service) but online by messaging before the Internet. It is so right for me to bring my memories online. I am so thankful that this website was created for people like me to come to and just be ourselves. Again many thanks!" - Rosanne Malacria, creator of the Joseph Mario Malacria memorial website.
"You have no idea how much this site has helped me with my grieving... I know I will never get over the tragic loss of my sister, and when my friend told me of this site, it has helped me exceptionally... I go into the site every day, sometimes I light a candle, sometimes I simply just listen to the music that my girlfriend has put on for me. I can not thank you enough." - Donna James, sister of Christine Richardson.
"I have to say up front that the site you are directing is wonderful and something that I wish I could tell everyone in the world about. I have gotten so much comfort in doing the site I have for my mother that passed away on November 09, 2004, it helps to thinking I am doing something to keep her memory going to all the people she knew and for myself and my father. The site has helped me tremendously in dealing with the loss of my mother, and I am sure it is helping all the others that have used the site." - Michael Singleton, son of Rublelene Singleton.
"I would just like to say a great big thankyou for this site. I came across it by accident and find it a great help in the loss of my son Jamie Bucknell, it helps me to visit everyday, and gives me a great lift when I read all the lovely things that people write about Jamie. Through this I have also had other people email me who have a loved one on this site and it does help being intouch with other people. Thank you so much." - Debbie Bucknell, mother of Jamie Bucknell.
"On behalf of everyone who knew James, I want to thank you for this site. James was taken from us suddenly and this site has givin us a chance to say things that we never had the chance to say. Although there are many things that can not be solved this site has givin us the chance to let out all of our pain that we feel we cannot talk about and we are forever grateful. Thanks again." - Tracey Mackenzie, creator of the James Taylor Black memorial website.
"Thank you all memory-of.com for this wonderful site. I lost my daughter on December 13 2004, she was 21 years old. This site bring my daughter very close to me and all family. We can send our love and light a candle, photos, message anytime. It has given me a special way to pay tribute to my angel. Thank you so very much." - Clores Robinson, mother of Isabella Abreu Carvalho.
"I wanted to say that I found this web site by accident, recently I lost my mom In november 2004 and my Father in april of 2004, it has been so hard in losing them both in the same year and so close together, my grief has been so difficult, this site has helped me nurture my wounds and start the healing process, whomever created this site is an angel. Thank you so much for letting us have a special place for those who are no longer with us, I can always know in my heart that their memories will always be online. Thanks so much!" - Terry Jones, son of James Jones and Imogene Jones.
"Thank you so much for letting anyone that is still grieving, use this site as a way to express how we feel. There were many that could not come to my mother's memorial service. There were so many that she touched in her life. Now, I can help them share what they felt and miss with this site. It also helps me grieve as well. I can't thank you enough." - Amy Jacobsen, daughter of Wanda Jean Earls.
"I would like to thank you for this site. It has helped me immensely. My father passed in Dec. 2004 and I made the website then, and I am continuously adding to his site. This is a place I can go and feel as if my dad is with me. Thank You!!!" - Sherry Elmore, daughter of Steve Elmore.
"I found your website "In Memory of" quite by accident. At first I was a little sceptical that it was it some kind of rip of as it seemed too good to be true. However, I can reassure anyone who is considering sponsoring a website it is 100% genuine. My husband has gained great comfort in setting it up and the whole family who live in different parts of the UK can now access it and add their own comments and thoughts. It is such a special service you provide and I thank you that the memory of my dear mother in law can live on through this, providing peace and comfort to us all. I thank you from the whole Carbery family for your wonderful website." - Sharon Carbery, daughter in law of Marie Louise Carbery.
"On behalf of the family, friends, and loved ones of Kendra Smith we would like to thank you for having this site. I stumbled upon this site on accident, only 2 weeks after her death. This has been very helpful in the healing process of many people. Please continue to be a blessing unto others by giving them the opportunity to create beautiful memorial sites that can last a lifetime at an affordable rate. Thank you." - Jennifer L. Schumpert, friend of Kendra Smith.
"I want to say Thank you for having this site for our family and friends. This means a lot to me. I just found this site tonight and I filled out all I could tonight but I will continue to do more in the next few days. It is a wonderful way to remember our loved ones that have gone before us... Thanks again." - Tina Markley-Roberts-Tedder, mother of Mitchell Wade Roberts.
"I am so happy to have found the site. I really need it to help me work through my grief. I click on it often. I love the ease of use... I can't thank you enough for having this site." - Janet, sister of Robert Anthony Masotti.
"I need to thank you for this site. I lost my son on Febraruy and this site has helped my whole family get through his passing. Again, thank you." - Lori Streeter, mother of Justin Smith.
"I have done everything possible to keep my brothers memory alive. He will live forever in my heart and through being able to create this website, it brings his memory closer to all of his family and friends. I thanks you so very much for helping me to be able to do this. I love and miss my brother very much and I always will. Having this site for him helps keep him with me. Thank you so very much." - Regina Nichols, sister of Cecil Maggard Jr.
"Your website is the best thing I have seen on the internet since I have been using it. I would just like to say thank you for giving people the chance to express themselves when they are thousands of miles apart." - Fred Constable, son of Patricia Lou Constable and Duane Fredrick Constable.
"When I found this site I cried because even though Jerry is here always, it makes it seem more so with this website. Our family and friends can get on a see how beautiful the site is... Keep up the good work because our family is just one of the many that you have brought smiles to with this website." - Michelle Werner, wife of Jerry Werner.
"I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site. It is a very innovative idea and very appropriate for the high tech age that we are entering. You see, we had our daughter cremated when she passed and we have been much undecided how to memorialize her. We thought about buying a spot at a public memorial garden but then I came across this site. This is a wonderful way to memorialize and share with family and friends that are scattered throughout the country. This gives them the opportunity to express condolences, light a candle, tell how she touched their lives, and etc. If she was memorialized at a memorial garden then most of our friends and family members would not be able to do this. If we decide to move, then we will have access to her memorial site wherever we are. This is also something that is permanent. It's not just a once a year memorial publication in a newspaper." - Renee L. Ebersole, mother of Alethia Sanders.
"To whom it may concern, I started a website for my son, Robin Miller Jr. on Dec.26, 2004. I think the site is wonderful. My son was cremated, so at times I felt like I didn't have any way of "visiting" him. I didn't get that feeling if I just had his urn. This site has allowed me to do that. Thank you so much." - Katy Miller, mother of Robin Miller.
"Your services on this web site are wonderful and everyone should know about them... You have done something very special and great, keep up the great work." - Michael Singleton, creator of the Rublelene Singleton memorial website.
"We are so grateful that someone out there is kind enough to create such an important website. It help the healing process and give loved ones a constant place to greve, smile, or just remising as far as the fee involved in your continued service with the site, well i think it's just right, it's affordable enough to be able to keep the site. Again, thank you for creating a piece of heaven till we meet our loved ones again." - Mike Dequattro, creator of the Emilio M. Rodriguez memorial website.
"Thank you to whoever created Memory-of.com site. It is the best site of its type that I have found which is why I decided to create the site for my wife here... I think your site is great - it has given me a way to honor my wife and to help keep her memory alive. It has also given me a site that can be accessed by her family and friends from around the world! GREAT JOB!" - Bob Sipos, husband of Mary Ellen Sanchez Sipos.
"You are a God send. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to share my family memories with someone else. Again, I thank you." - Barbara White, daughter of Willie J. Stancil and sister of William Kenny Stancil and Eddie Dean Stancil.
"This has been the best money spent. I can go to the site when ever I am feeling down and see him and what his friends have said about him. Thank you for creating this site." - Barbara Beaver, mother of Robert John Beaver.
"It is only 6 weeks since Gemma left our lives and we do get so much comfort from accessing and adding to the site regularly. I have never seen anything so beautiful as this site, and as you know we do visit it daily - sometimes all day! But that is the beauty of the site, we can light a candle or just express ourselves as if she were still living... Gemma was such a beautiful and vibrant girl and we are so proud to have had her in our lives this is why it is important for us to keep her memory alive and for others to access it as well." - Shirley Ling, mother of Gemma Ling.
"Our family lost a husband-father-grandfather, on Friday the 7th of January, 2005. The following day by divine intervention, or Karma, or whatever one believes, your website showed up on a totally different search of the web I was doing. Immediately, I went straight to the site, and broke into tears, as what you were offering, was something I sorely needed to do. Because the family is in different states and can only express ourselves via phone right now, the opportunity to express ourselves directly to Dad was a vital ingredient that was missing. Of course one says silent prayers and talks to their departed loved one, but the ability to put it to print as an exclamation of our love is joyfully overwhelming right now. I can't thank you enough for this chance to memorialize our Dad, even before the actual funeral. Everyday we add something new, and in the months to come I am sure the page for Dad will be overflowing with memories from many others when they are able to access the site. Thank YOU!" - Andrea Linthicum, daughter of Harry W. Gibbs.
"I just wanted to thank you for offering this site. I love being able to see my twin brother's beautiful smiling face any minute of the day and to read the wonderful testimonials friends and family from all over the country are writing about him. It is helping me in my grieving process to pay tribute to him. Thank you so much." - Leslie Russell, sister of David Robertson.
"I am so thankful for this website. It allows those who are grieving to have a place to keep our loved ones memory alive. For some of us like myself, it is an encouragement to see the many people lite candles and write things about our loved one. For me this website gives me a chance to show everyone what a special person my mother was and will always be. Thank you so much for allowing people the chance to keep their special person close." - Noreen McDowell, daughter of Frances E. Woodbury.
"I enjoy the site very much. It gives everyone a place to go and write something and it gives us a chance to grieve and hear that people really do care." - Deborah Wierzchowski, creator of the Christian Wierzchowski memorial website.
"...The site has helped me more than I can express. I happened to find it quite by accident and glad I did. I visit it everyday and, of course, it is a work in progress. But it is helping me in my greiving process... It's just great to be able to put into words what I am feeling and to be able to read what others have to say about mom, because she really was a very special lady... Thank you for putting this website out there for us!" - Janice Parsons, daughter of Winifred Parsons.
"I think that you guys have done a terrific job. I wouldn't change anything. I appreciate that I could actually do this. It was very easy and everyone has loved my sisters website. Whoever created must have had a loss themselves because it is perfect." - Carrie Rich, sister of Shawne Phillips.
"This web service is awesome. In this particular instance, people are literally very close with Colin from Canada, PA and Florida. This site has been able to get information fast to the family." - Jody Fedick, creator of the Colin Fletcher memorial website.
"...I also wanted to thank you for memory-of.com. It is the best memorial website I have found. It has the greastest features like the photo album page and I really like the light a candle page. It is by far one of the best websites out there. Again,Thank You." - Tracy Gordon Shilt, sister of James Gordon.
"Thank you for this wonderful site. It helps me share thoughts of my beautiful son with others." - Catherine Costello, mother of Steven Costello.
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