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Coping With Grief
by Bob Livingstone, LCSW
Before I Even Met You
Grieving a Miscarriage
Loss of a Classmate
Grieving in High School
Celebrate Them
There’s More to Loss than Tears
What You Can Do
Ways to Help Those Grieving
Destination Grieving
Traveling After Loss
A Choice in Time
Memories, Without Overwhelming Grief
Fallen Heroes
Grieving Those Lost in the Line of Duty
Write Through It
Keeping a Journal can Help You Heal
Our Loss
Experiencing “Mass Grieving” with the World
Strength in Numbers
Find Empowerment in Support Groups
Celebrating Our Angels
Memorialized with Angelversaries
A Complicated Goodbye
They’re at Peace after a Chronic Illness, but You’re Not
The Ties that Bind
Reaching Out to those Who Knew Them Best
From the Soul
Write through Your Grief
Letting Them Know
Calling People with the Sad News
Their Room Without Them
Cleaning, and Clearing Out Your Child’s Bedroom
Allowing Guidance
If we are Open to a Larger Power, it May Find Us
Shine On
Lighting Candles and Feeling their Warmth
Fair Weather Friends
How do you Respond to Friends who think you should “Move On”?
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